Things To Make You Smile: Family, Friends And A New Car

A few months ago Ben came home and told me we needed a new car. We needed a new car big enough for our family but also so sometimes our friends could come out with us. Our car simply was not big enough or suitable for Maxwell and our belongings when going out on day trips and planned holidays so Ben looked into buying us a family car with a touch of style rather than the boy racer car he already had.

Cars can be expensive. Before buying or even when you go to view a car we found we were sat working out insurance, tax, MOT and servicing. I wanted the best deal we could possibly find. After shopping around we found a good deal on a car and we looked at insurance, I remembered on Ben's last car his insurance was so high people would have thought he needed kit car insurance for a special car however now Ben is 25 his car insurance has dropped hugely.

In the end Ben settled with buying a lovely Ford. It is black, and is perfect for what we need. The car is a 5 door and it has more space for Maxwell to stretch his legs rather than being cramped up in the back of the car. There is also enough room in the boot to fit Maxwell's pushchair in. The car also has a radio so Maxwell is able to boogy in the back of the car to the radio.

When our friends come out in the car we find that our friends are able to sit in comfort and it makes their journeys a better experience. Also when we go away on holiday we are able to fit everything we need into the car rather than packing light or not going on holiday at all. We are now enjoying family time and social time.

Our new car has changed our life and for the better.  I am so happy we decided upon buying a new car... have you purchased a new car recently and if so why do you love it?

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