Munchkin Click Lock Cups Review

Are you looking for that unique cup that doesn't spill everywhere?
No spills, no mess!?

Since Maxwell was small, I have always had trouble finding him the perfect cup to drink from. Many issues I have had with cups in the past have been the fact the cup leaks if the cup is tipped up. I have also found Maxwell finds it difficult to drink out of, as it either lets to much liquid out of not enough so he ends up getting frustrated.
We were recently sent a  Munchkin Click Lock Cup to review.

When I first saw it I was surprised at how bright and colourful it was. We were sent a sippy cup which was yellow which had a bright red lid. The design of the cup we were sent had a animal design on. The cup has a clear outer with a colour tinted inner cup. This helped me see the fill level so I was able to see when Maxwell was running low on his juice.

The Click Lock Sippy Cup comes in 3 pieces which makes the cup easy to clean. There is a plastic valve that slots into the lid. From past experience, over time the valves in sippy cups often get mouldy or dirty, so it's great to know that the valve is replaceable.
When you secure the lid on to the bottle you hear the magic "click". When you hear this its a sign the lid is secure and it is very unlikely to leak.
Maxwell tested the cup. He dropped it, rolled it and shook the bottle and not a drip of his juice managed to come out.
I liked the fact that the sippy cup is simple to clean an there are no small bits that can be fiddly for parents to put together. We also found out the cup flowed perfectly for Maxwell so he was able to drink out of the cup comfortably.

The cup is very well made. The hard plastic spout has not been damaged at all, even though Maxwell has had a little chew on it due to teething. It has been taken to many places and as far as London and has been washed many times and is still in a new condition.

The cup is said to be insulated to keep drinks cold, so we are looking forward to making good use of this feature in the summer.

Overall I would rate the Munchkin Click Lock Cups  5/5

This cup is perfect for any child aged 9 months or over. It comes in 3 different designs so there is something suitable for any child. This product is also BPA free. For more information o Munchkin and there products please visit their website.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion 

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  1. This could solve the splashes of milk I keep finding everywhere!


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