Unlucky 13

At the moment I am feeling like the most unluckiest person in the world. The number 13 has always been a lucky number to me especially as I was born on Friday the 13th however maybe my luck is changing and its starting to bite me in the bottom.

This week Ben was told some news that turned our world upside down.
Ben has been working for the last 7 months, a 40 hour contract. Yesterday he was told due to his employers not making enough money he has had his hours cut down to just 15. Not only this he was given 3 days notice this would happen. At the moment the future is unclear for us. Its a horrible feeling of the unknown and its a scary feeling.

A few weeks ago I ordered a cupcake maker, it was something I had wanted for ages and had been patiently awaiting its arrival. Finally it arrived today, only to find that it is broken. A whole lot of use to me. I was left feeling so disappointed as I had planned to try and bake a few cupcakes with Maxwell this weekend.

The final topping on the cake was today, we went out and whilst out I must have managed to drop my bank card somewhere. I'm so annoyed at myself for losing it and of course I rang up the bank ASAP to cancel it but it now being the weekend I can not access money without asking Ben to go and get it which is a pain!

2013 was full of aims and goals for me, but these are slowly disappearing. I hope we can overcome the huge setback of Ben losing so many hours at his job and I hope he manages with my help to find another job soon. Lets hope 2013 improves for us all.


  1. Oh noo I hope your luck takes a turn for the better tonight

  2. Oh no :( lets just hope thats all your bad luck for the year
    hope ben finds a new job soon


  3. Ohh no! Hope you have a change of luck soon!!


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