So Call Me Crazy!

Am I crazy??
Do I like to prepared?
Do I like a bargain??
The answer is YES!
Its 329 days until Christmas!  Most of you are properly thinking we have only just celebrated Christmas, why is she talking about Christmas??? However I have something to admit!
I have already been getting Christmas/Birthday presents for everyone in my family this year.
 I love to start early!
I can not go into detail about what I have already brought my family as they read my blog however Maxwell already has a few treats which have been hidden in a box that are ready and waiting for him to use.
I love a bargain and sometimes can not stop myself buying things, I also win things which helps me make sure everyone is a little spoilt on their special day.
This week I got a huge bargain and I may have to give Maxwell it before Christmas because I love it so much and I just know Maxwell will as well.
However I managed to buy him a Mega Bloks Race car Twirl and Whirl!

On Friday night I was lucky enough to win a Amazon voucher - Just £6.
I waited till Saturday morning to have a quick search on Amazon and found this Race car on the Amazon website in the sale.
£25 reduced to £8.50, so I quickly snapped one up. I added my Amazon voucher and managed to bag this for just £2.50! Bargain!

The start of the week brought me new happiness, I woke up to found I had won some more bits, a top for me and something else for Maxwell.

A ZingZilla Doll that Maxwell will love! The doll dances and sings. 
Maxwell is a bit to little to use at the moment however he has really got into dancing and when he is a little older, I think this is something he can play with and appreciate.

Finally I found a old box today of things that I have had a while and I found some things I brought/won last year for Maxwell however I had completely forgot about them.

Some Books
A Few Cuddly Toys
Some Lego

All which will be great for this years Christmas/Birthday.

Each month I hope to continue to add to my collection and by December I hope it has built up enough so I do not have to go out and do any shopping.

Am I the only one to be prepared or do you start collecting presents for Christmas early?
We would love to hear your stories!


  1. I love the car I won one on fb last yr for my nephew :)

  2. I am with you! i have all the families birthday presents and 80% of this years Christmas is already sorted and bought!

    I am with you, nothing like being organised and grabbing bargains!

  3. Well done on your wins. :) Last year I tried to win every ones Christmas presents. I won a few bits but mostly ended up having to buy but I started later in the year so I'm hoping if I start a bit earlier this year (ie now!) I might have a chance of winning a bit more! Christmas can be so expensive- I think it's a great idea to get a few bits throughout the year and save some £££s!


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