Prize Wish List

As many of you know not only do I do my blog I also spend my spare time entering competitions.
Last year was great and seeing as I only comped for 7 months I won some fantastic things that have benefited us as a family.
I managed to win a Silvercross pushchair with a photo effort comp. The pushchair was worth £120 and was welcomed into our home with arms wide open.
I won a luxury weekend away worth £800, something which we would never of been able to afford and it was lovely to get away as a family.
I won a PSP, a £50 staples voucher which I brought a printer with and many DVD's for me and ben but also a lot of children's DVD's for Maxwell.
I was also extremely lucky to win tickets to the Olympic Paralympic closing ceremony. Unfortunately me and Ben never went however we gave the tickets to my sister. She loved going and always says to us its a experience she will never ever forget.
Along with many of prizes it was a great year for us all.

This year has not started of great, with Ben having his hours reduced times are harder for us then ever. This year I want to focus my wins on our family. Things that will benefit Maxwell and Ben but also stuff for my parents and my Sister and her partner.

So here's my wishlist for 2013:
A Holiday/ Weekend Break

A Day trip somewhere

Some toys for Maxwell

Disney Car Stuff

A cool Kitchen Gadget

Some shopping/food vouchers

A posh dinner somewhere

Some Recipe books/ Cooking class

A new changing bag/Pushchair

Some Fitness Equipment

Some Clothing

Something Pandora related

Anything Caravan/Yacht related for my parents

Anything house related for my sister

Christmas/Birthday presents for people

So, that's my wishes! Is there anything you would like to win you this year?


  1. Wow you've won some fantastic prizes....
    I've never won anything like weekends away...Just lots of littler prizes :)
    I would love to win some new clothes & a new mobile phone...
    Good luck with the comping :)

  2. Good luck with your comping mission! I had some nice little wins last year but nothing worth more than £100. This year on my prize wish list is:
    1. Money or shopping vouchers 2. Food/drink 3. Stuff for the home (anything from toilet roll to a new sofa!) 4.Days out 5.Pet friendly holidays 6. Gadgets (new laptop for my fella) 7. Makeup/toiletries 8.Clothes (some new winter boots would be nice!) 9. Presents for birthdays/next Christmas 10. Some fun new experiences or nice unexpected gifts that maybe lead to a new interest or something I wouldn't usually do. :)11. Things for my partner/family/pets etc..

    I'm not as hardcore as some compers - I enter around 30 a day compared to others that can do 100+ a day- but I don't want it to take over my life completely. I enjoy the excitement of thinking that a good win could be just round the corner... It's nice to dream! :)

    Good luck every one!

  3. We won a Disney weekend away a few years ago and it was the most amazing time. I love to win holidays and experiences the best. I've started this year with £150 of toys from the Entertainer so going well already.


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