Preparing for our biggest trip..... yet.

Since having Maxwell I have never had to go anywhere long distance with him by myself. I have always had Ben or my family to hold my hand. Next week it all changes, we are going to London.
We are going for a special event which no-one actually knows about yet but I couldn't be more scared if I tried.

The train journey is for one and a half hours each way and we are going from Southampton to London. We also have one stop to battle with.
I have done it a few times before without Maxwell but add a baby, a pushchair and a changing bag into the equation anything could happen.

Things I am scared about:

  1. Being late for the train - We are booked on to the 9 am train leaving Southampton, however when I rang South West trains up they told me I would have to collect the train tickets from a machine, I have no clue where the machine is nor how to even get the tickets. I think we will leave our house early.
  2. The journey - I rang South West trains up to ask was it possible to travel with Maxwell in his buggy. Its small and lightweight and I can not see him sitting still for a hour and a half. I was told I would either have to collapse it which I really do not want to do or if any disable places are free I am able to put his pushchair here but if anyone disabled gets on then I will have to move. I was also told they were unable to reserve seats which is irritating. Has anyone ever experienced taking there children on the train in a buggy? Any advice would be great!
  3. The Change of train - We only have 10 mins to change trains, will this be enough time? If not we will be standing around waiting for the next train to come.
  4. London - I have a 20 min walk when we get to London to our destination. I am going to print a route off before we go however I hope we do not get to lost if not ill be jumping in a cab.
I have decided I need to take minimal luggage but enough toys, food for Maxwell to be entertained. I have already decided we can stop off at Pret a Manger for lunch as I have a gift voucher.

I am excited but also very nervous! Look back soon to see how it all went! Did we have a successful trip or not?

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