Goodbye Huggies Nappys!

For a while now I have known that Huggies were getting rid of there nappy's however today it was finally confirmed to many people who did not know that they would no longer be making them. In a few months they will not be available to buy anywhere in Europe except for Italy.

When Maxwell was a newborn I swore by Huggies, however as he has got older we have had a few problems but we would still buy them now and again.
The good news to all Huggies fans is that Huggies will still continue to make wet wipes which we use a lot as well as there other great ranges which include Potty Training pants and DryNites pyjama pants & bed-wetting mats, pull ups and little swimmers, so not all is lost.

How many of you out there will this affect, we would love to know! What brand will you be buying in the future?
We wish Huggies all the best in the future and maybe one day hope to see the return of their nappys.

This is a official email I received off Huggies earlier:

Hi Helen,
Sadly, today you will receive your last monthly update from Huggies® Club. We are sorry for any disappointment this may cause, however, you can continue to find nappy change tips and advice by visiting Huggies® Club. We will also continue to keep you up to date by e-mail on great offers in store, promotions and news from Huggies®.

From spring 2013, Huggies® nappies will no longer be available to buy in the UK and Ireland. However, you'll still be able to buy Huggies® nappies in most retailers over the next couple of months – we will keep you updated on where you can still find them from January. If you have any questions, or would like more information, please visit Huggies® Club.

We will continue to make Huggies® wipes to keep your little one fresh and clean and care for your baby's skin. We will also continue to sell our great range of Little Swimmers® swim nappies, Pull-Ups® Potty Training Pants and DryNites® Pyjama Pants & Bed Mats.

Thank you for your continued support,

Love Huggies


  1. It is sad that Huggies nappies will be no more, especially since I have another due in a few weeks. I wish they would mention why? x

  2. I agree, it's such an iconic brand it would be nice to know why they are pulling out of the UK, it is very sad as there is not that much choice out there, in the beginning we used re-usable and everynow and then huggies, we have now gone to Baby Nature-care which is the same price as Huggies and Pampers but bio-degradable - the pull ups of this brand is nice.

    Loving your blog by the way and now following on GFC and twitter

    Laura x

  3. We seem to be loosing alot of good brands and not a great deal to choose from in disposable nappies now.


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