Disney Cars Bedroom

For a while now Maxwell has been outgrowing his cot, so this week we decided it was time to invest in a new cot bed for him, not only was it time for a new cot bed it was also time for a brand new change in decor.
I'm board of his baby room, its just brown and cream. I wanted to add something bright and colourful to his room, something that would last him for a few years, something which he would enjoy and love just as much as we do.
We came to the conclusion we would love a Disney themed room for Maxwell. After searching high and low we were left disappointed as we were not able to find any Finding Nemo bedroom stuff so we had to change our plans and go for a Disney Cars Room.
I have spent a lot of time this week on the internet searching for things for his room. So far we have managed to buy the following:

  1. Night Light
  2. Wardrobe
  3. Blanket
  4. Duvet set
  5. Toy box
In the next few weeks, I am hoping to get some curtains, another duvet set, lampshade, bin and some further accessories. The curtains are proving a big problem as we are unable to find any Disney car curtains that have eyelights or tab tops.
Eventually we also may buy the toddler bed to match his room however my main concern is if Maxwell grows out of it quickly then we will need to buy a new bed again, which will end up costing us a lot of money.

I would love to know what amazing bedroom themes you child has?


  1. Our max has a disney theme! It's more toy story mixed in with bright colours. He has a toy story duvet, toy story posters and drawings and 'to infinity and beyond' hung on his wall that I made for him.

  2. I dont recommend Tesco's Cars 2 Curtains. They are very thin and let the light in.

  3. I need to decorate both my kids bedrooms, my son is autistic and said he wants green walls as its calming! Hmmm!! Then theres my 10 yr old (going on 25) daughters room! She just can't make up her mind!


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