Bargain Hunting! January 2013!

As many of you know I love a good bargain and this year I have had a lovely amount.
This year I didn't hit the shops straight away, instead I waited until around the 10th to start my shopping in the sales and it seemed I still managed to pick up some lovely bargains at fantastic prices.
For me I managed to get a Paul's Boutique bag reduced from £66.00 to just £35 but with a extra 20% discount and a £15 gift voucher I got for Christmas I got this bag for just £13.00.

I also managed to get these Hollister Tracksuit bottoms for £16 reduced from £35!

Today M&S decided to reduce there sale items even more and as I had a gift voucher for Christmas I decided to use it to get Maxwell a few things. The annoying thing was I kept adding stuff to my basket and every time I went to pay the items would be out of stock. However I did manage to get a few things.

I managed to get Maxwell, Mike the Knight dressing gown and matching PJ's. It should have cost me
£25 for the 2 items however I managed to pick these up for just £8.

In a few weeks me and Maxwell have been invited to a amazing opportunity in London. I decided Maxwell would need a new outfit for the event and today I found what I was looking for.
This outfit should have cost me £22 however I picked it up for just £5.50
All this should have cost me £148 however I managed to buy it all for just £42.50.


  1. such great buys :)

  2. I couldn't have walked out without the PB bag, fab finds!


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