20 Things I want to do in 2013!

I just want to wish all my friends, followers and companies I have worked with in 2012 a happy 2013.
Thanks for all the comments and the support you all gave to me in 2012.
I'm looking forward to the coming year.

I have written a list of 20 things that I aim to do in 2013 and I hope to say this time in a year, I have achieved all these goals.

  1. Go on holiday
  2. Buy at least another 4 Pandora Charms
  3. Get back to size 10
  4. Turn Maxwell's room into Disney Cars theme
  5. Spend less time on Facebook and blog and comp more
  6. Drink less fizzy drinks
  7. Visit the farm with Maxwell
  8. Cut down on takeaways
  9. Buy at least 6 new fancy dress outfits for Maxwell
  10. Go to bed earlier
  11. Learn something new
  12. Buy myself something expensive
  13. Save £££
  14. Sell more things on Ebay
  15. Create a masterpiece with Maxwell and hang it on my landing
  16. Attend more groups at the Childrens Centre
  17. Watch at least 1 film a week
  18. Spend more time with Ben
  19. Spend a summers day on the Isle Of Wight
  20. Keep blogging


  1. Absolutely love your goals a few I can relate to .... Especially cutting out my takeaways ....Good Luck with you goals ... I hope you achieve them all ... Have a fab new year :)

  2. Im wanting to get back to a size 10 and cut down on takeaways too

  3. Good luck with ur goals hunny

  4. Ooooh did you get a Pandora bracelet too this Christmas? I got one and I love it!!! I want to get back to a size 12 but I'd settle for a small 14. I definitely need to go to bed earlier too!


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