Pandora Bracelet

For my 21st Birthday I was finally bought a Pandora bracelet. I have wanted one since I was small but had never had the money or time to think about getting one.
Ben and Max bought me my lovely bracelet and two charms - The Tunnel of Love Charm and the Picking Daisies charm. I love the Tunnel Of Love Charm as it represents what I have for Ben and Max, I also love the design of it.

I was given some Birthday money, normally I am one to spend it on clothes however this year I thought I would add to my bracelet. I decided to buy myself some charms.
What a surprise I had when I actually looked at how expensive they were! I was in shock. After waiting a few days, I luckily managed to find a discount code. 20% off all the charms so I managed to get 4 for £72 instead of £90 which I thought was brilliant. I wanted to choose charms which had meanings to me.

I chose:

The Little Boy Charm - Reminds me of Maxwell. He will always be with me wherever I may go.

The Frog Charm - Reminds me of my Grandma.  When she passed away the only thing I wanted of hers was her frog ornament collection. The only thing I took was her frog ornaments! So this charm is in memory of her.

Sea Charm - From a young age I sailed the seas. My family have had a yacht since I was tiny and my Mum and Dad still spend a lot of time on it. The sea reminds me also of my Grandma as she sailed on many cruise ships including the QE2.

Silver Lining Charm - I choose this charm because I believe every cloud has a silver lining. You can go through hell but can still be left standing. I hope this charm brings me a lot of luck and keeps my thoughts positive.


  1. Great prize - We have taken loads of Uk to New York cruises on QE2/QM2.

  2. Lovely choice I've wanted a pandora bracelet for a while now


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