Our Party!

Last Saturday my Sister, her partner Rob and my Mum and Dad organised me and Maxwell a party! We had lots of friends and family around and had a great time.
When we arrived Maxwell had a few presents to open. They had made Maxwell a little den out of the Wigwam we were sent a few months ago to review. They also had decorated the house. The party was 21 birthday themed as it was my birthday but also Maxwell's birthday hence using 1.
My sister also made us a great big 21 made up of pictures of Maxwell's first year and pictures of me from my 21 years. It was lovely to look back on all the memories.

Before everyone arrived Maxwell got time to spend exploring! He loves to explore and was looking everywhere to see what he could touch and play with. We had to put cushions around the table as he kept trying to climb it. He liked watching the fish swim around in the fish bowl and he also got to spend lots of quality time playing with his favourite Grandad and Auntie Rachel.

After everyone else arrived we got to open lots more presents, we were given lots of lovely presents. Maxwell got a Thomas the Tank engine book which has a keyboard on it which he loves as he loves music and loud noises. He also got lots of vouchers, so we are going to take him shopping to buy him lots of clothes and toys.
I was given money and vouchers. The money I used on my Pandora charms, and also some clothes and some Hot Diamond Earrings.
Finally it was time to Reveal the cake, I knew a lot of time and money had been spent on it so I knew it would be spectacular.
The cake came out and I loved it My 2 was decorated with lots of beautiful butterflies and frogs which of course reminded me of my Grandma and are my favourite animal. Maxwell's was decorated again with butterflies and Hungry Caterpillar Theme which he has loved ever since he was born. The cake was made at the bakers however my sister made all the decorations.

Me and Maxwell had a great day and would like to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes last week and would also like to thank everyone for our presents and the lovely party!

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  1. aww such a lovely idea really love the 21 photo montage and the cake :)


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