My Festive Playlist #FestivePlaylist

With Christmas getting closer, it's hard not to hear lots of Christmas Songs. In the car, on the TV, in shops. Its pretty hard to escape them.
Over on Brit Mums I have decided to join their Linky. The Linky is supporting the Coca Cola drink and drive campaign. They are looking for bloggers to come up with a festive playlist that will keep their Designated Drive (Ben) smiling this season while they he taxi you around.

I love this song to the moon, and back! It was a Christmas number one back in 1994. I was only 3 but I have grown up to this song. Me and my sister always listen to it at Christmas and its always on round Christmas time! I love how they have the bells ringing in the song and in the video it is very Christmassy!

This song always reminds me of that excellent Christmas film ‘The Snowman’. I love Christmas films, but this is a favourite. I remember I used to watch it most Christmases when I was younger and how happy the film made me feel. I hope as Maxwell grows he goes on to watch it. Its a well known song loved by many. 

There is a message through this song when it plays to people. It is saying about the angel who comes to earth and starting the story of Christmas The song is very strong and powerful. It reminds people of what Christmas is about.

Frosty the Snowman is a famous Christmas song. The song is about the tale of a snowman that is magically brought to life through a black top hat that a group of children place atop his head. Its a great children's favourite and has been around for a long time.

This song brings back some amazing happy memories. At school we always were made to sing this song. I also remember singing it in the school nativity play. I'm sure my Mum and Dad were aware of this song when they were younger, and I hope it gets passed down a few more generations.

That is my festive playlist. I hope you enjoy it. I would love to hear some of your favourites! I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas with lots of Merry Christmas Songs.


  1. I like how you mix totally different types of song. Commenting on behalf of BritMums

  2. Gosh - it makes me feel so old to read that you were only 3 in 1994. I love your choices. love the snowman one so much too. I remember wanting to settle down and watch it with my son when he was about 3 as I thought it would be so special and then he announced that they had seen it already at preschool. I was most dissapointed that his first time watching snowman was not with me. x

  3. I love your playlist, well done on your win. Have a lovely CHristmas x


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