Merry Christmas

Did you have a lovely Christmas? We did!

We started Christmas morning at our house. Its our first Christmas here and I wanted to make it special for Max. When he woke up we brought him straight into the lounge and he was greeted with lots of presents.

He was given a few and jumped on them. He learnt how to rip the paper off presents on his birthday, so he found it very easy to unwrap his presents without much help.
We got ready and we set off out.
We  popped into Ben's Nan and Grandads house where we also saw his Uncle. We had a nice time there but did not stay long.
Maxwell loved the garden there as its full of little statues. He loved looking at the frogs.
We then went onto Ben's parents house, and Maxwell opened his presents. Ben's Nan gave Maxwell a beautiful wooden toy cube which Maxwell now loves to play with. He also got a book and loves to flip the pages.

Last stop was to visit my Mum and Dad. Mum cooked us a lovely dinner and we had lots of lovely presents off them. Maxwell got a special outfit and some lovely toys including his Megabloks which my dad (Grampy) has taught Maxwell to put back in the box after he has played with them.
Unfortunately we didn't get time to spend anymore time with my family on Christmas day however we did get to see them on Boxing day. My Nan, Grandad, Uncle and my parents all gathered round my Sister and her partners house. We had lovely food and opened the rest of our presents.
 The only thing to go wrong this year at Christmas was that my Sister managed to break her foot on Boxing day as she tried to get Maxwell some of his toys out.
We are all wishing her a speedy recovery.

As you can see Maxwell was really spoilt, but so was I.
I got some limited edition peacock GHD's from my parents. Lots of money and vouchers, a Onsie and some Hollister Bottoms. I also treated myself to another 4 Pandora Charms.
I hope all my readers had a lovely Christmas and are all looking forward to New Year.

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  1. Such a sweet boy! My little girl is a few weeks older, she was really into the present opening too. Cute, isn't it?


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