Happy 1st Birthday!

So today is my amazing, beautiful little boy's 1st birthday and I am so proud of him.
When I got pregnant I was told by so many of my friends I had ruined my life, then I did not believe them and forever on I still will not.
1 year ago I gave birth to the most amazing magical little person in the world and have I learnt a new thing or two?
Before I had Maxwell I had no ambition, nothing to focus on. I had friends who would try and lead me down the wrong path and I never spent any time at home with my family.
Now I spend most days at home, since having Maxwell I have been out with my friends twice and now have ambitions and things to focus on. Family means everything to me.


You have brought me so much happiness over the last year. Its been full of learning curves, lots of laughter and adventures. I often wonder what you will grow up to be but all I can hope for is your respectful, positive and have ambitions for success.

Over the last few weeks I have seen you continue to grow and you continue to amaze me. You now can walk along with your walker with no help, and manage to run everything over in the process. You have learnt to clap and dance to music which we all love to watch you do. You can also push your cars around and love to play independently.

My favourite thing at the moment is giving you a bath, you love to splash around with your rubber ducks and bath cups and tip the water over the side and shriek with laughter. I love how you get excited by the simplest things and not much in life ever seem to matter to you.

I treasure every single moment that I share with you. We spend so much together and I would not change it for the world. We do lots of little things together. We play, we bake, we shop, we eat but my favourite of all, we snuggle up watching the TV with snacks and juice!

Every moment that goes by you feel me with joy.
The love you share with me means so much I can not write it down in words. You make me laugh, smile, cry but most of all you bring something into my life which no-one else can share with us. Our Mother and Son Bond.

Mummy loves you more than anything in the world and never forget that, nothing will ever change. I am always here.




  1. A year of joy!
    Happy 1st Birthday Maxwell

  2. aww such a lovely heartfelt post Happy 1st Birthday Max

  3. Happy 1st Birthday Max! Have a very special day! xoxo

  4. That's so lovely, Happy Birthday to your son. Hope it was a great day xxx

  5. This looks like such great fun, everyone loves marbles!

  6. Getting my threads mixed up! Happy first birthday.... time must be flying by!

  7. aww, thats lovely :) Happy 1st Birthday!!


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