Friday 14/12/12 - Please pay your respects!

On Friday 14th December 2012 a lone gun man Adam Lanza, 20, armed with three guns including an assault riffle, forced his way into an Elementary school in Connecticut, USA. He opened fire in different directions. When he was done 20 children laid dead alongside the school Principal and five other staff members and himself.
He was later found to have started the massacre at home that morning by killing his mother. All three guns belonged to her.
This latest massacre has sadly been recorded as the deadliest school shooting in the US!

To the parents, family and friends my thoughts and prayers are truly with you at this difficult  time. I can't imagine the pain of losing a child, I hope to God I never do.
Please pray for these people affected and keep sending positive thoughts to them!


  1. It is such a horrible tragedy and one which made me kiss my girls even more

  2. I can't believe the pain of parents who lost their children. Hope time heals them. My prayers & respect.

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