Bargain Hunting With Mummy To The Max #5

Any one that knows me knows how much I love fancy dress costumes! Not only do the costumes make memory's and great photos, we have been preparing Max a outfit for his 1st birthday. This week on Ebay I managed to pick up the princess and the frog Disney store costume  for Max, brand new for just £4.50 including postage.

This week I bring you some great Christmas treats in the form of freebies:

Free Tea and Coffee at Ikea - From Mon-Fri at all IKEA's across the UK for IKEA Family Card holders. You don't even need to register or buy anything, just grab a card and swipe in the restaurant!

Free Photo with Coca Cola Xmas truck and mini cans of coke. 64 locations -  The Coke trucks from the Xmas advert travelling to 64 locations around the UK until the 23rd December. Free photo taken on a little platform next to the truck and also giving out free mini cans of coke zero, diet coke or regular coke. You get a code and redeem the photos online. 

Free cookie at Subway - Here's how to get a free cookie the next time your in Subway.

Go to:
Also go to: - Type in your postcode and find your nearest Subway.
Hover over "email store" and in the link at the end will be the Store ID. Paste this ID into the box on the first link. Click "I Agree"
Fill in the form with yesterdays date and a time between 9.00AM - 6.00PM and choose any.of options, make sure you use a real email to get your coupon. 
Check your email for your coupon and take it to your nearest Subway before 22/12/2012 to get your free cookie.

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  1. Amazing - I love dressing up Dexter. Lol - I bet they'll hate us for it when they're older!


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