What Grinds My Gears

Recently I’ve been tagged by Lorna at Mummyandherboys in this meme.  I haven't done any of these before but I would love to do more so feel free to tag me in any fellow bloggers.
Today I am going to tell you what does my nut right in. To be honest I moan a lot, I can't help it. I guess a lot of things get to me and my way of venting them out of my system is moaning. My main moaning listener is my Mum followed by my fellow blog friend Vinda Loo.

Things that do my nut in - 

- When I buy something in a shop I want the person serving me to hand me the bag and my change not just leave it for me to pick up - Customer service.
- Searching for hours trying to find bits of Max's toys to complete them - he has plenty of secret hiding places.
- Non payers on Ebay - Does Ebay even value their sellers after all we are the ones paying fee's. I hate having to chase people up to pay me and wasting my time in the process. 
- How their is not enough hours in the day - I need more hours to do all my duties as Mummy, Blogger,    Comper and House Slave.
- Ungrateful people - I can not stand people who can not say the word Thank you even if they do not mean it, the word is manners.
- Having to pay full price for something - It makes me sick! Makes my stomach churn! What a liberty to my bank balance.
-Dirt on my nice hoovered carpets - I spend everyday hoovering.
-When people cant keep their opinions to themselves - I was a Mum at 19 yes.. It does not make me a bad parent, or a single parent. Do not stereotype.
- Washing and ironing - It is horrible to dry and I simply hate ironing as it takes me forever.
- The fact I can not drive - Life would be so much easier.
- The postman not delivering my post till 2 - Means I stay in a lot to get them. W-A-S-T-E O-F T-I-M-E.

I'm not a miserable person, I just like to moan at times. I think its great to get things of your chest and here are some of my hates.
The meme rules are to tag back to the creator and the person who tagged you.
The lady who came up with this fab idea is Mummy of Many Talents at http://mummyofmanytalents.wordpress.com/

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  1. Tee hee - what a perfect opportunity to rant. It annoys me that I can't drive too. I got lessons for my 17th birthday and I'm now 29! I have run over two dogs and crashed 6 cars - all whilst in a learner car. I've had 4 different driving instructors - there simply is no hope.


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