Take The Bad With The Good

This week has been filled with sad, happy, proud and emotional moments.

On Monday, we took Maxwell to the forest. I feel we are blessed to live in such a beautiful area and I wouldn't choose anywhere else to live in the world. Me, Ben and Maxwell rarely get to spend much time together any more as Ben is always working so this was a lovely day out. We took Maxwell for a walk in the forest where we saw pony's and then took him to a special ice cream shop.
Carlo's the ice cream shop is a family run business and is well known in our area. Its a great place for a family day out. Not only does Carlo's have ice cream but he also has a lovely tea room and a field full of animals. We treated Maxwell to a ice cream and the sun shone for us. We had a lovely day out.

For a few months now I have known my Mum and Dad were moving out of our family home, off to search for a better life. With me and my Sister gone I suppose it didn't feel like our family home any more and felt empty to them. This week it was time to finally let go and move on, they moved out and the new people moved in. It's left me feeling slightly emotional but happy.
I think I feel the way I do as since we moved out I have known there just down the road when I need them, there now 2 ferry rides away, not on the other side of the earth i know. There is also the fact I spent 20 years of my life growing up in a place that I felt so happy.
But I have let go... and I'm happy, happy for my Mum and Dad knowing that there happy, knowing they are now able to do what they want to do for once instead of worrying about everything around them.
I think it's going to take some time getting used to not having them around so much but really I know in my heart that its the best thing for everyone. Sometimes it's best to let go and remember those happy memories.
Goodbye W'Water Rise!!

Maxwell continues to make me feel like the proudest Mummy in the world. He has blossomed into such a clever, happy, beautiful, child and has learnt so much in such a short space of time. I can not get my head around him being 1 years old in a few weeks. Time really does fly.
This week Maxwell has showed me why I am the proudest Mummy in the world an this is because he has learnt to crawl, crawl probably and not slither around on his belly. He is also getting more confident when standing and isn't holding on to everything whilst doing so. Lets hope he is walking soon!!!
Maxwell has also won a competition. This is his 3rd competition he has won and has won some lovely prizes including our Silvercross pushchair, but this time around he has won around £70 worth of baby stuff. We entered his Halloween picture into a competition an he was the winner.
Well done Maxwell!!!!!

I am still continuing to fight my Sinus an ear infection which is making me feel yucky, but with so much on my mind, I try and forget how horrid I feel and progress on with my day.
Me an Maxwell are also planning a huge surprise for our lovely readers, something to do with Christmas? So keep a look out and see what is happening soon!!

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  1. Sorry to hear you have been sad this week. I know how you felt as my mum moved from our family home 5 years ago and even now when i drive past it makes me sad and happy at the same time.

    I am lucky now as i moved near to them 3 years ago so we are all living near each other again.

    Looking forward to your Christmas Surprise for your readers soon :-) x


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