Review - The Visionary Soap Company

We were recently sent some products to review for the Visionary Soap Company. We were delighted to be reviewing their products as they support such a good cause. They are a fair trade company that supports and makes a difference to people less fortunate than ourselves not only around the world but also in the UK.
We received the box of goodies very quickly and Visionary Soap kept in contact with us at all times, they provided us with great service.

When receiving our box of goodies I was taken back by the smell, it was lovely.
We were sent two lots of soap, one Geranium Rose and one Cinnamon Orange Clove. A Orange Geranium Hand and Body Balm. A Lemon Lip Balm and a Geranium Bath bomb.

Geranium Rose Bath Melt:
The bath melt is a mixture of fairtrade certified shea butter, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, pelargonium graveolens and organic rose petals. When you throw the bath melt in the bath or under warm running water, the shea butter melts and disperses in the water, along with the essential oils, leaving the water fragranced.
It can make the bath a bit slippery and a little slimey but it does leaves your skin feeling moisturised The bath melts are soft and crumbly so you could half it in one bath and use the remaining half in your next bath.

Cinnamon Orange Clove:
 It had a strong cinnamon smell but was not over powering, it came in the colour purple/black. The Geranium Rose smelt really sweet and a bit like Turkish delight. It came in the colour cream. When using the soap I found it was soft on my skin and was not rough. These soaps would make excellent gifts or would equally be good for personal use in your own bathroom.
Out of the two soaps my favorite was Geranuim Rose.
Whilst looking online at the Visionary Soap company website I learnt that the organic soaps are made using the traditional cold-process method and that they contain 60% Fairtrade certified ingredients when the minimum requirement for certification is 2%.

Lemon Lip Balm:
It left my lips feeling nice and soft and I believe this would be great little extra for a hospital bag, as when I was in labour my lips were left dry and cracked.  It would also be great in your handbag or make up bag as it is really small, however a small amount goes a long way.
Made with sunflower oil, fairtrade certified olive oil from Palestine, Fairtrade certified shea butter from Ghana, candelilla wax, vitamin E (as a natural preservative) and lemon essential oil, it smells and tastes lovely and citrussy.
You are able to buy four different flavours - lemon, orange, grapefruit or peppermint - I am certainly interested in buying more.

Orange Geranuim hand and body balm:
It is made with shea butter, olive oil and is lightly scented with sweet orange and geranium essential oils. The smell was not overpowering.
I used this after I came out of the shower on my dry hands. When using this product I would be careful not to use much as it can leave your hands feeling very greasy but it does state this on the tin.
What I really liked about this product was that the tin was also recyclable, so not only is it fair trade it is helping the environment out to.

Overall I would rate The Visionary Soap Company's products a brilliant 5/5
The Visionary Soap company have lots of good points going for them. There products are a great quality and at low prices. There products also support Fairtrade and also help the environment by using recycled materials.
I will definitely be purchasing more of there products.
You can also follow The Visonary Soap Company on Facebook or Twitter. For more information please visit their website.
I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However we did receive the product for review purposes.
Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion


  1. Sound like great products xx

  2. Great review, wonderful products. I really like the sound of the Lemon Lip Balm! x


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