Review - Nuby Bath Time Toys

Do your children love baths?  Maxwell loves them. He especially loves to play with his toys in the bath. Recently as many of you know we entered the Nuby bloggers competition. Unfortunately we didn't win but we came runners up. Nuby kindly sent us a bundle of products and in it we found the Tub Time Turtle and the Splish Splash Stacking Cups.

First up we had the Tub Time Turtle to review. The first thing I noticed was the turtles huge big eyes and his bright colour.  when we got him out the packet Maxwell grabbed him off me and started to play with him on the floor. I then got both of them in the bath.
I found the turtle floats at the top of the water with his bright green shell emerged in the water.  When lifted out of the water the holes slowly drain the water, creating a light shower of water that flows gently.
Maxwell started to play with the turtle. At first he did not quite understand how it kept filling up with water, his bath cup didn't do this after all. I then started to play with Maxwell with his new friend. I showered his hair with the turtle which Maxwell found more fun than using a cup and actually didn't mind the water getting in his eyes which he normally makes a fuss over. This bath toy is fun for Mum/ Dad and Baby and gets both interacting together.
I  found that Maxwell liked chewing the turtles legs and head and I personally think it makes a great teether too. When your child is a little older you could use this toy in their sand pit or water tray.

We then tried the Splish Splash Stacking Cups. There are 5 cups included all which have small holes in the bottom of them.
 Straight away Maxwell pulled them all apart and let 3 cups fall in the bath water put kept 2 in his hands. He then went on to drain the water out of the and try and stack them in one another.
I then let the water shower over him much to his amusement, he tired to catch the water in his hands and also tried to splash me.
Not only are these cups brilliant for the bath they are also great to use when playing outside the bath. The cups are great to stack up and Maxwell especially loves to knock them down. They are also very easy to store in one another which means they don't take to much space up in Maxwell's toy box.

Overall I would rate these Nuby Bath Toys a brilliant 5/5 

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I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However we did receive the product for review purposes. 
Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion


  1. LOVE it. Been looking for a toy for the bath - the turtle is perfect. How are you keeping him afloat honey?

  2. We got given some products to review too!
    Your little boy is so cute


  3. What a great blog, must be really good to get some products to test, shame you didnt win, but I am sure it was fun taking part. Toys just seem to make bath time so much fun, great read thanks :O)


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