Black Friday - Internacionale #pennypartyshoe

As everyone knows I have a eye for a bargain. First came the 99p dress from OMG fashion and next came Bid Tv offering a 99p party dress but today Internacionale hit off a bargain with 1p shoes.. You are reading this right and they were offering free delivery.
The shoes up for grabs were their nude and diamante-stud shoes which were £24.99 before hitting the bargain price of 1p.
I was sat waiting from 8.30am to claim my bargain and as 9am hit this morning and I was straight on Internacionale's website:

  This was Internacionale's Advertisement of there 1p sale. It does not specify how many shoes are up for grabs but have later found out it was just 500!

 Here where the black pair of shoes they were offering which i was trying to buy. 
Item was added to basket!

  At 9.03 when trying to check out the shoes this kept appearing on my screen.
 At 9.10 after adding my Paypal option to the checkout I was faced with this again.


 After trying to add both pairs of shoes into my basket as the black pair had sold out.
I finally was greeted by this screen - 30 Mins later!

Many people have been sent out a email asking why we 
had not checked out the item in our baskets.

It seems to me all these "bargains" leave many people left with false hope and let down. Today is just another case of why many people should avoid these good deals if they don't want to feel left disappointed. There was only 41 shoes available in each size in the nude and black colour which does not really give you a chance of getting any.
In recent weeks  companies have had a lot of negative feedback about they way they have treated their customers that have not been lucky to be part of  a certain deal that a company has run, with the run up to Christmas. 
But what are the companies gaining anyway with selling stuff off cheap?
They may be selling at low low prices but they are actually generating tons of traffic to there web page. People visiting may get tempted to buy something else so it can create more sales for the company itself not to mention the publicity they get from running the deal.

What are your thoughts on these bargain deals? 


  1. I tried for ages this morning and after getting a pair in my basket they were taken out again. So if it was their idea to try and get people to think about buying more of their other items they have been mistaken I have heard a lot of people say they wont be buying from them in the future

  2. i am certainly not one of those ppl that add other things. If the bargain is there great if its not i dont buy anything! I wonder if there was a limit to how many you could buy or was it the same person who bought 500 pairs? lol

  3. I managed to get a pair!


  4. I just think they're a gimmick to hook you in. Unfortunately, if they let you down as in this case, you're probably not going to bother shopping with them again anyway!

  5. I also didn't manage to get either of the heels :( Was quite disappointed, the site couldn't cope at all.
    I have been on sites that have done similar deals and they didn't crash!
    Awkwell, it saved a bit of space in my wardrobe and some blisters on my feet lol.


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