Bargain Hunting With Mummy To The Max #1

 Everyone that reads my blog knows how much I love a bargain but then again who doesn't?
So every week I am going to try and write about what bargain I have found that week. It can be something you have bought, something from a charity shop that you believe is a bargain, something free that you would have gone out and bought or anything else that you think benefits your life but through a method of getting it. it has saved you money.
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So this week me and Maxwell went to the local shopping centre. We haven't actually been there for a while but whilst there we did manage to pick up a bargain.

Recently I have started shopping in Next as I personally think their clothes are a great price, with lots to choose from and I love the fact I am able to get both mine and Max's clothes under one roof. However I decided to go into Primark for a quick look around and I was happy with what I found. I have been looking for some tops to wear out and I managed to find one reduced that I really liked so it had to buy it.

It was a lovely sleeveless blouse, reduced from £12 to £5, so over half price, which I thought was a bargain. They had lots on sale but nothing else really caught my eye.

 We are going out tonight, so I've decided I shall wear it over a black top out with leggings and a nice cardigan with some little heels.

What was your bargain of the week? We would love to see.


  1. Lovely top and great price tag!
    Enjoy your evening! :) x

  2. Adams (the kids clothing store) have got 70% off selected lines - I got Dexter 2 sweaters (aged 6-9 months) for just £6.60 (no p&p)!!!! Bargain!


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