Review - Nilfisk Buddy 15

Since Maxwell was born, I have always believed in keeping my home clean, im quite house proud, not only that but i worry about things Maxwell may pick up off the floor. 
When i recently got a new wet and dry vacuum cleaner i was over the moon. It was the Nilfisk Buddy 15.

Out of the box the cleaner looked simple to assemble, not too many pieces to put together and the diagram on the instruction leaflet made it clean where pieces need to go. It took me minuets to set up.
I liked the dark but royal blue colour it came in, I thought it was very eye catching. The vacuum cleaner looks quite bulky at the top but I think this is due to its big handle which I found was very useful.

I was pleasantly surprised how light weight the vacuum was and how easy it moved around, I also found it was very easy to carry around as its big handle was easy to grip and was not fiddly to pick up. 
With Maxwell around I was quite worried that he would try and push the hoover over as he likes to follow me around the house as he likes the noise of the hoover, but with two big wheels in the back and a castor in front, makes the machine extremely stable.

The main uses of the Nilfisk buddy are for the household, sheds or garages or cleaning the car. Its purpose is to suck up dust and liquids, which is great for me as I like to hoover the house daily, I rarely would use the hoover however to suck up liquids.

The vacuum cleaner cleaned fluff and dust from my carpets well and I also tried using it to clean my sofa and curtains which also went well, it removed any remains of crumbs in my kitchen and any dust or insects that were on my window ledge, and picked up Maxwell's left over lunch off the floor perfectly. 
The vacuum was also used to clean the inside a car too and did a great job picking up tiny bits of dirt from the floor on top and under the mats, but also getting into small cracks in the seat that we found hard to remove before.

The head of the vacuum can be changed which I love, both brushes removed dirt of my carpet in no time at all, and the heads take a matter of seconds to change. There is a flat head which I think is great just to give a quick hover around on the carpet but i found the round headed brush was great on fabrics like my curtains but also in corners to remove dirt.

The buddy has a 1300 Watt motor so will pick up any debris you want to get rid of. With our current vacuum i found i was spending ages trying to pick up pieces of dirt of our carpets as it didn't have a very strong suction at doing this but with the Nilfisk i had no problem which saved me time and didn't get me so hot and bothered.
The dust bag is easy to remove then empty. The only disadvantage is that I will have to keep replacing the dust bags which i didn't have to with my vacuum before.

I would rate Nilfisk at a fantastic 5/5 

I love this vacuum and highly recommend it. Not only do you get two uses out of the vacuum but it is simple and easy to use. It cleans straight away and doesn't involve a lot of hard work making it ideal if you don't have a lot of time on your hands to clean. This has been welcomed into our home and Ben especially loves using it to clean the car. Due to its lightweight design it was very easy to transport and also move around in our home to outside.
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I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However we did receive the product for review purposes. 
Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion


  1. But it's still not as cute looking as a Henry hoover!


  3. Sounds good (but I agree with Jenni - I just love Henrys).


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