Review - Garden Games Wigwam Tent

Recently we were contacted by Garden Games to ask if we would like to review a Wigwam Play Tent. Of course I jumped at the chance, I mean who do you know that owns a Wigwam?
My plan was to make it something for all the family to enjoy, so being my Dads birthday i thought it would be great time to do it.
It came in a handy box, with instructions located on the side. I was surprised at how small the box actually was and how compact the Wigwam was when in pieces.
With the help of my Mum and Dad we managed to put the tent up easily, taking no longer than 10 mins, Maxwell sat in his pushchair and observed, it was a very easy process and the instructions were helpful and very easy to follow.
To put it together you join two sets of six poles in the middle with six plastic connector pieces, you then lay the canvas out on the floor and thread the poles through elastic loops inside the canvas cover and slot into the holders at the bottom. A rope is then threaded through holes in the top poles which are separated by wooden beads which you tie and  the Wigwam is ready to be erected.

We found the quality of the canvas to be great. It was very thick, hard wearing material which i can not see ripping or tearing. It can also be used in outside weather conditions or inside.
The canvas has bright colours on it lots of thick bright designs made up of shapes, and animals. I think this grabbed Maxwell's attention and as he grows older he will be able to learn colours and animals using it. The Wigwam is suitable for both girls and boys.
There was plenty of space inside the wigwam and both me and Maxwell could fit easily in there, my idea is to use it as a place he can go and read his books - like a special book corner in wetter winter months and in the summer take it outside.
When i put Maxwell in tent he sat and played with his toys in there, although the tent is for age 3+, you could see Maxwell was enjoying himself. The tent is something that a child can easily grow up with and continue enjoying.
 When we took the tent down we found that it again was a very quick and easy process. The tent is easy to store due to its slim box and compact peices.

I would rate this amazing Wigwam Play Tent at a fantastic 5/5

This has been one of my favourite products that we been sent. It is a great unique idea and i haven't come across any of these on the market.
We were sent the Wigwam by Garden Games Ltd, please visit there site for more information about there fantastic products.
You are also able to follow them over on Twitter.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However we did receive the product for review purposes. 
Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion

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  1. This looks terrific! The kids would enjoy this immensely. They love playing in the garden!


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