Nappy Rash

Maxwell has always been very lucky and has never developed  nappy rash but to my surprise earlier on this week I was greeted by a very red and inflamed bottom, it was very sore and had started to blister. 
I started panicking, and actually cried. Then I thought how stupid I was actually being and how common it is for babies to get it. I think it just came as a shock to me that Maxwell had it as he never had, had it before.
I had in my mind that I must treat it as soon as possible otherwise it could become more serious. If left untreated Maxwell could develop a yeast infection or even a bacterial infection, and this was definitely not going to happen to my baby.

I started treated Maxwell's nappy rash by:
  • I kept Maxwell's bottom clean and dry by changing his nappy frequently. I kept a eye on him to make sure he had not filled his nappy it made it wet.
  • When cleaning Maxwell's bottom, I used plain water and cotton wool, I then would pat it dry with more cotton wool.
  • I tried to give Maxwell some nappy-free time as this can help heal the sore area. I would only suggest this though if you have a floor that is easy to clean and don't have carpets.
  • Apply a thin layer of barrier cream - I personally use Sudocrem before putting on a clean nappy. I just use a small amount each time I applied it and rubbed it in enough so I could see Maxwell's skin. The cream is a protective layer between your baby's skin and any wee and poo.
  • I bathed Maxwell every day and added nothing to his bath water. I made sure I cleaned well around his bottom.  

After 2 days Maxwell's rash had completely cleared up. I was so happy and I could finally stop worrying, however I have put some precautions in place to stop it happening again.

  • I change Maxwell's nappy regularly and as soon as possible after he’s done a wee or a poo.
  • I clean Maxwell's private area and bottom thoroughly after each poo and wee. Check your baby's skin is clean and dry before putting on a new nappy.
  • I applied a thin layer of nappy cream to Maxwell's bottom after each nappy change.
  • I put Maxwell's nappy on with a loose fastening so that there's room for air to circulate round his bottom i especially try and do this round bed time.
  • I change Maxwell at night if he needs to be changed, don't put of changing your babies.
Nappy rash is very common in babies, particularly when they're between 9 and 12 months old. If your baby develops it then please follow these steps. If your babies nappy rash does not clear up within 3-4 days please seek advice from your doctor or health visitor.



  1. I have a tip! Cornflour dusted over the nappy rash area with cotton wool works really well to heal nappy rash and prevent it from getting worse.

    Lisa @ xx

  2. my son suffered from it when he was older and i always found that if i used sudocrem he would scream as it stings, my cousin recommended metainium and for me it is like a miracle cream and i later found out that it is what my friend was getting on prescription for her sons nappy rash!


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