Christmas Preparations

Have you started to think about Christmas yet?
Since we have moved out into our own little family home money has been tight. I have started to think about Christmas early and have made it my mission this year to have a great Christmas on a very tight budget. I will be not paying for Christmas next year.

My Budget is - £200

In the budget i am looking to buy a selection of food and drink for Christmas Day and Boxing Day for ourselves to enjoy a lovely meal, and nibbles incase we have visitors or if we visit anyone, i don't like to go empty handed.
I aim to keep this expenditure low, by collecting vouchers and stocking up on stuff when i see them cheap before Christmas. We already have some cider which i won which i am going to put aside for Christmas.

I am aiming to spend no more than £30 per person on gifts and will be buying for:

My Parents
My Sister and Partner
My Partner
Nan and Grandad
My Uncle

For Xmas cards, wrapping paper and thank you cards i will be looking for big deals. However i have been sent some thank you cards already for Max to send to everyone.
For decorations and a tree i have been lucky as my Mum and Dad have a tree and decorations to give us.


 What i have managed to already put a side for Christmas:



Cans of cider, for celebrations.
A selection of gifts for Maxwell including toys, DVDs.
Earplugs for Ben.
Toys and treats for pets.
Some beauty products.
£20 worth of Argos vouchers
£50 worth of Staples vouchers

I have collected:

£20 worth of Tesco clubcard Vouchers
Vouchers towards our shopping bill.
Small freebies to make small fillers - chocolate bars
£25 worth of  Boots advantage points

I have pretty got Maxwell's presents sorted, however i need to get into shape and instead of giving people gifts i need to use them to contribute towards their Xmas.
I think so far i am definitely on budget, however i will keep you updated on how we are doing!


  1. I have started to put things together for Christmas even though I don't have any children I have loads of people to buy for so have set a budget of £10 per person apart from my hubby as we want to spend more on each other. I also have quite a few people with birthdays around this time of year so it can be manic.

  2. I already started on my list, but I'm really far from over. I've got ideas running through my mind too, regarding the decorations. I hope I stay on budget though, it's kinda hard to be cheap on Christmas if you know what I mean.

  3. I have started thinking about Christmas! Money is tight here too but I have won a few things for the children which helps so much!!

  4. I have been putting things away all year for Christmas. As it has turned out changing circumstances means money will be tighter than ever this year, so very glad I did!

  5. I've ordered a turkey directly from my local farm which has cut down the cost and been have been shopping the wine aisle offers for the last few weeks! :-)


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