Bekl Smile Campaign

When I was younger I was bullied a lot, the way I looked, the colour of my hair - I just didn't fit in.
Today we are still facing bullying in playgrounds, in the workplace. I personally think everyone either knows someone who has been bullied at one point in there life or has witnessed bullying so when i saw Bekl's smile campaign over on Twitter i knew i wanted to be a part of it.

The Smile Campaign is an anti-bullying campaign which started on the 12th October and has been launched by Bekl. They are aiming to raise awareness and money for anti-bullying charity Beat Bullying, a charity which helps many people in the UK fight through bullying.
The Campaign is easy to join, just head to the Bekl website ( and purchase your bracelet. They cost just £2.99. At least £1 per bracelet will be donated to Beat Bullying.
Wear your bracelet with pride and spread a smile.

Spread a smile and help raise money for anti-bullying charity Beat Bullying. Every penny counts and the work they do shouldn’t be underestimated.
For example, just £22 can help an emergency online counsellor reach out to a suicidal child before it’s too late.
So please help support such a great cause, and wear a smile with pride… and if you’re on Twitter use the hashtag #spreadasmile.
You can find out more about Beat Bullying from their website

I know I will be purchasing one. Will you?


  1. I think the bracelets are a lovely idea

  2. It's good that bullying is discussed more openly in schools and children encouraged to stamp out bullying by telling. We need to teach our children to be assertive rather than passive or aggressive. The middle path is the best road.

  3. Great idea - bullying is horrible and ruins lifes x

  4. I think these a lovely! I was never bullied at school but have been online as an adults by adult trolls! After going through such a negative time, which has effected my health, I am now paranoid that my children will experience similar at school or online. I will defo take a look at the website you have mentioned above for ideas on how to approach the subject with my children and how to look for signs etc. Thank you x

  5. These bracelets look lovely and such a fab idea :-)

  6. I think these are a great idea. They look trendy too so teens will want to wear them x

  7. Aw how cute is that bracelet?? Brilliant idea too :D

  8. Cracking product / idea. I have just purchased 100 of these for my shop at a trade price from these guys! Highly recommended.


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