The Illness

At the end of our weekend break, i started to feel mega grotty. On Tuesday i awoke to a bad headache, a sore throat and i ached all over. Fantastic! I am never ill so this was a horrible horrible awakining.
I managed to get threw Tuesday and went to bed early in hope i would feel better. I had a awful night sleep - cold and hot, ache ache ache! When will this stop? I thought.
On Wednesday i was very lucky as my Parents offered to look after Maxwell! I felt bad about sending Maxwell to them and actually cried! All day i missed him and was glad to finally get him back in the everning even though i still felt awful.

Maxwell had a action packed day and my Parents took him for a walk - we live in the New Forest so we are extremely lucky to have such a beautiful area that we are able to walk in. They took him here and he had a exciting time. Apparently he screamed the whole way round and couldn't stop laughing at Nanny as she jumped out behind the trees at him After coming home they played with Maxwell in the garden! Maxwell loves to be outside so im sure he had a great time.
When Maxwell finally arrived back - it felt a life time that we had not been together he was extremly tired and went straight to bed.
 Today i am feeling a bit better, i have taken Maxwell out for a walk and have been drinking lots of apple juice to soothe my throat! Call me mad but to try and make my nose run and trying to get rid of this horrid cold i have been eating plenty of Doritos and Salsa Dip and it actually seems to be working.
Hopefully i will be back to my full health in the next few days!

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  1. Ahh bless you but I had the same on Monday - felt yuk! I dropped the kids off school then headed off to the shops - but when I reached them I just felt shaky, cold and really really tired so i came straight back home. For the rest of the day I had a sore throat and felt really awful. Luckily my mum offered to take the kids after school to give me a little more time to recover - thankfully I felt better the next morning but not 100% until Wednesday. I hate feeling ill as a mum - and it is so hard when you have kids as you cannot just hide under your duvet! I'm glad our illnesses didn't last too long!


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