Review - Splotz, Theo, Small Beginning Books

Since Maxwell was young I have always encouraged him that reading is something he should do before bed, I believe personally that it will benefit him with speech development and as he gets older and is able to read himself, it will also help other things such as his spelling.I normally get books from the library for Maxwell to read or buy him big story books, however we were delighted when we were recently sent some books.

First up we have the amazing Splotz series of books. The books are very colourful with cheeky characters. The books are a ideal size to read to your children or for the child to read to you. The stories are very easy to follow and are a good read.
At the end of the book the characters go Splotz and on the page you are able to smell a lovely scented smell. The smell is not a horrid smell but actually a very nice refreshing smell. The are four characters Ice, who smells of mint, Blossom, who smells of cherry, Splitz who smells of banana and Bubble, who smells of bubblegum.
Not only do you get the Splotz to smell you also get a page of scented stickers at the back of the book. Maxwell is a little small to use the stickers yet but for older children maybe you could use the stickers to reward your children.

We were sent a book called Theo, it is about a dog who has lost all sense of smell. The book encourages the child reading the book to track down his sense of smell. The smell again is not a horrid smell, it is actually a very nice sweet smell and the smell can be smelt throughout the book. This book is very clever and I personally think it keeps the child entertained very well throughout the book as the child has to find where Theo has lost the smell. 
I found this book again very easy to follow as it is set out well, the drawings in the book are very detailed and the child is aware that Theo is the main character. Maxwell loved Theo and kept staring at him and smiling.

Me and Maxwell received a set of Small Beginning Books, Play, Learn, Discover. Although Maxwell is to small to use these books yet but I have looked through them and can definitely recommend them to children 3 years plus. There are 6 different books, mix and match, trace and chase, say and play, doodle and draw, read and rhyme and colour and count. They all focus on a topic of learning and encourage the child to do this in a fun, playful way. All books are very colourful and use big bright pictures to attract children. Each book also contains a set of reward stickers that you stick in the book, to show the child that they have done a great job.
I am very excited to use these books with Maxwell and shall do so when he is a little older.

The Splotz books are really great and a very clever idea. The RRP is £2.99 and i personally think this is a great price. I think these books would be good for prizes at children's parties or even a great stocking filler. 
I would rate the Splotz books a 5/5
Theo is a very well written book, it always engages the child and is a fun way to encourage your child to read. The RRP is £6.99 and I would say it is worth this as I can't see a child getting bored of it.
I would rate Theo 5/5
The Small Beginnings, play, learn, discover collection is a great way to teach your child new things. They are a great idea! The RRP is £3.99 each however I think these should have a higher RRP. I have not come across such a great selection of educational books at such a low price.
I would rate the small beginning selection 5/5
We were sent these books by Autumn Children Books, please visit there site for more information about these books.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However we did receive the product for review purposes. 
Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion

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