Review - Nuby Ding a Ling Pram Toy

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Since Maxwell was small, we have always had a hard job to entertain him. He has always been a great lover of sounds, meaning most of his toys we have bought him have been musical.  After a busy night at work Maxwell's Daddy bought him a present, it was a Ding a Lings Pram Toy. As soon as Maxwell saw it he has been obsessed with it.
 When I took a look at the toy the first thing that jumped out at me was its twinkling chime sound, I was also attracted to its bright unique eye catching design. The Ding a Lings pram toy is suitable for babies 4 month + and the product is BPA free.
The toy is a fun duck character. The body of it is made of a plastic chime but its limbs and head are made of  different textured material. The material is very soft and although it has a plastic body, Maxwell still cuddles up to it even though every time he moves it chimes at him. I like the fact it has different textures as I think this is good for Maxwell to explore new textures.

 The toy has a ring which you are able to attach it to things such as your pram, walker, baby bouncer, in the cot and car seat. We have found this very useful. Maxwell is able to enjoy it not only at home but whilst going out. He loves to use it in the car as we attach it to the handle and it dangles down and chimes at him but he also likes it on his walker as every time he moves it chimes at him. Maxwell loves hearing the chime inside the brightly colored plastic cylinder, the chime sounds pleasant, not  loud or irritating!
The toy can also be used a teether, Maxwell has enjoyed nibbling the ducks foot and beak. The ring also can be used as a teether as we have noticed Maxwell enjoys nibbling on that often.

 Overall Maxwell loved the bright and colourful Duck, he loved the sound and I believe this stimulated his senses and imagination which kept him entertained when using the toy.
The design is very unique as we have had some toys that we are able to hang on car seats, pram but none have had different textures, nor a chime to entertain the baby.
Maxwell also enjoyed chewing on it and seemed to help him teething. Whilst out we also tested to see if it could ever fall off or get lost, however we found that the ring was very tight and even if it was pulled hard it would not be tugged off or lost

Overall I would rate the Ding a Lings Pram Toy 5/5
You can pick this toy up through Nuby at a great price of £4.49, you can also find it at other retailers.
This toy also comes in different characters - Zebra, Frog Giraffe and the Duck.


  1. How cute I have a little nephew who I think will love one of these thanks for the review.
    p.s Maxwell is adorable x

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