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When Maxwell was younger we had no trouble with keeping him clean however recently since Maxwell has been trying new foods and become more active he seems to produce a lot of washing! Usually we buy a box of washing powder and bottles of liquid, but we always have trouble finding places to store it! However i was recently sent a pack of Dizolve Washing sheets to review and i was very impressed! They come in a compact package which is very light which means we are left with lots more storage space and no more carrying heavy bottles home from the shop. 80% less packaging is used and less lorries are used to transport the goods!
Each Dizolve sheet has the concentrated washing power to tackle a load of laundry, if you have more stubborn stains on the clothing i would perhaps use 2 sheets. The sheet pops straight  into the drum on top of the dirty washing and dissolves into the water during the washing cycle.  They are quick and easy to use, are mess free and save you taking the time to measure out liquid and powder!
Dizolve washing sheets work really well leaving clothing  very clean and white if you are doing a white wash.
I use a 40 degree wash and they work perfectly at that temperature.
Dizolve are suitable for all types of machine. They are powerful, consisting of 90% detergent concentrated into every convenient sheet.  The non-biological formula is kind to skin and to clothes which is great as myself and Maxwell have sensitive skin. 

I would rate Dizolve washing sheets:


You are able to visit there website to find out more information!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However we did receive the product for review purposes. 
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  1. I agree - Dizolve is a fab discount brand ! Really great review :)


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