My Big Secret!

So Mummy To The Max blog is now just over 3 months old. It started of as something to keep me entertained whilst on maternity leave and something to record Maxwell's life on but now it plays a big part of my life. I personally thought I would get board of it, but how wrong was I!
 Everyday as soon as I get up I come and check and see whats new. Throughout the day I sit and think what I can do to improve and is there anything i can build on. In actual fact I think I spend most of my free time thinking over it or writing on it.

It has become something I have become very passionate and focused on.  I love writing about our life and recording every part of Maxwell growing up, weather it is by using words or using pictures, it is something i can keep forever and no one can take it away from me. I love writing about things that interest me, reviewing brilliant products and writing about things that i believe will help others.
 I have made some great friends along the way, that have inspired me, given me great advice and helped me in so many ways and I am truly grateful to them. I am also hoping to meet more people that can  relate to me, as i personally don't think there are enough young parent bloggers that are writing about there life as a parent.


There is a huge secret,  the secret being no-one outside my "cyber" life actually knows about my blog.... my Mum and Dad read it, my Sister and her partner know about it but that is all.
I have over 1000 friends that are not "cyber" friends on my Facebook, over 100 contacts on my phone but still I refuse to tell people about it. I'm not actually sure why I keep it secret, maybe because I have never been asked about writing about a blog? But then why would anyone? I have nothing to hide and nothing to be embarrassed about but.....

I think I'm scared, scared how people will react. I went from being a outgoing, popular, sociable person to a geeky Mummy that loves nothing more than  having a clean house, seeing my Son smile and spending half my life typing behind a computer screen.
Now Mummy To The Max has started to grow i now  face a horrible scary feeling.... The thing that scares me the most is..
What if my blog is found outside my cyber life? How will people react? Will they ask why I never told anyone? Will I be laughed at? Will it be posted everywhere for people to see?
But then i think to myself why do you even care?

My blog is getting more and more popular. As I do more reviews and posts and run competitions I am getting closer to my secret being revealed.
But to anyone that ever finds this and think they can judge me? Mummy to the Max is something I am proud of, something I have built up on my own and something I can call my own, not many people can say that they have created something like I have and I will continue to keep doing what I do for many years to come.


  1. I'm the same but my husband or family don't even know I have 3 friends that know and thats only through Twitter. I will have to tell him soon though as like yourself I am getting more things to review now.

  2. I think as your life changes your friends change with it...some will stick around, others move on. I think thats normal with life kids or not, blog or not. Why would your blog be laughed at? Is anyones hobby or interest less important than anyone elses? Be proud of yourself and your achievements! Anyone who is less than happy for you isn't worth having around anyway.


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