Life Does Not Have To Be A Battle

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 When I was younger I took my parents for granted, everything I could possibly wish for, I had. My parents worked extremely hard to provide for me and my sister and we never ever went without. Looking back I am truly thankful to them for what they did for me, as I had a childhood others dream about.

When I found out I was pregnant with Maxwell it hit me hard how much a child would cost to raise and I constantly worried over money, throughout my pregnancy. I was sometimes working 50 hour a weeks. I saved very hard and when Maxwell arrived he had everything a baby could possibly need and want. I was paid maternity pay, however I was totally aware that this wouldn't last forever and now I have come to the point where my pay has stopped.

Luckily, Ben has a good job and is paid well, however his money only covers our bills and doesn't cover little luxuries in life that I used to take for granted, don't get me wrong though Maxwell never goes without and we are definitely not scrapping by with half a slice of bread to eat like other people in this country.
When I was pregnant I started to become very money savvy, on my days off I would email companies, asking for freebies that they may have, I would also email companies telling them how much I loved there products in hope they may send me something or I would search the Internet for money coupons. I did quite well with this and got some great things however I knew this was not the answer to all our money questions in life, however I knew by this we would get by a little better.

Then Maxwell came along..... this beautiful bundle of joy. In the hospital the night after I had him I promised him I would never let him down and do everything I could to give him the best in life like I had and I have stuck to my word ever since.
The reasons why? I look at every penny we spend.

Recently I saw a article on the Internet, that it costs over £218,000 to raise a child.
It said that from birth of a child and stocking up on essentials to funding childcare and education; the cost of raising a child to 21 can cost parents more than £218,000 and many end up in debt before the baby is even born.

This is a very frightening figure especially considering the economy we are living in. I see people struggling all the time in life and I can't see it getting any easier for anyone anytime soon. Prices are going up and up and up however peoples income don't seem to be able to support these types of changes.
As a first time parent I have learnt a few tips which I would like to share with you.
  • Save - Its obvious but many new parents understand just how much a new baby can cost. You may think you have got everything for your babies needs before it is born, however me and Ben found ourselves visiting supermarkets and shops. As Maxwell started to grow, so did his needs.
  • Make full use out of baby events - Baby events have saved us a huge amount of money. We tend to go to baby events near the end, as we find the big supermarkets mark down prices of things even more, however there are plenty of bargains to be had. We have brought Maxwell brand new toys for £2 that are selling in other shops for £10.
  • Buy second hand - Whether it is at a car boot sell, on Ebay, on a local selling site or even a charity shop, you are able to pick things up at a fraction of a price it would cost you brand new. We have brought Maxwell many new toys second hand and you wouldn't know the difference. Some were even brand new with tags.
  • Research - I see plenty of parents going into a shop and just buying things as it is in front of them. If we see something we like or need for Maxwell I always come home and see if I am able to find the price cheaper - 9/10 I manage to.
  • Make full use of price match - A lot of companies actually price match a product if you are able to find it cheaper. Take Mothercare for instance, if you are able to find the price cheaper anywhere else they will price match you and give you a further 20% off.
  • Keep a eye out for vouchers and coupons - I have saved some serious money by collecting coupons, you are able to find these online and in magazine. One week I managed to get £23 worth of baby products for under £8.
  • Get what you are entitled to - When I went to a young mums group many of them did not know if you are pregnant or had a child in the past 12 months you are entitled to free NHS dental treatment or prescriptions.
  • Look out for baby clubs - We belong to a lot of baby clubs, we are sent regularly money of coupons and sometimes little gifts such as weening spoons or soft cuddly toys.
  • Buy in bulk - If we ever see baby stuff such as nappy's at a good price we stock up. In Maxwell's room he has a boxful of baby toiletries and nappies and wipes to last him at least 3 months.

 The tips are not going to save you thousands but they sure do help with making the most out of your money.

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  1. Hello. I've been following your Blog from the NUBY Facebook page, and LOVE your tips. You are doing so well at a young age! You should be proud!


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