Any Help Will Be Appreciated

As many people who read my blog know i love to comp! I rarely enter any comps however that require likes and shares as i always believe most of them are full of cheats however i could not turn this competition down!
I have entered Maxwell into the Smile Factor Summer 2012 competition - It will not be me benefiting from winning it shall be Maxwell - the prize is a £250 voucher for a store. The reason i would love to win, is because Maxwell's Nursery could do with a brightning up! When Maxwell was born we were living with my parents and When Max was nearlly 6 months old we moved into our own place but never got to spend a lot of money on Maxwell's nursery! I am in no way begging for votes, just asking for your help!
If anyone reading my blog would Like and Comment Maxwell's Picture i would be really thankful.

You can find our entry here:

Thank You for supporting us so far everyone!

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