The Ball Pit And Maxwell

A few days ago, i looked into buying Maxwell some more toys.We really don't have much space left in the house and im always looking for toys that he will enjoy that wont take up much space.
After spending all evening looking for a new toy to buy for him i came across a ball pit. We have been looking for one for ages, however i knew if we brought a inflatable one we would have to blow it up and inflate it everyday which would be a pain and take up a lot of time... after looking on the internet i finally managed to find one that folds up and down at a bargin price of £5 reduced from £15.
I was so excited and had been counting the days down till today as i knew it was being delivered.
Finally after waiting half the day it turned up! I opened the box pulled it out and it popped into place, all i had to do was push the plastic poles in and fill it up with balls.
Unfortunately after putting all the balls in i found 1 pack wasn't enough. Maxwell didn't seem to bothered about this. I placed Maxwell into the ball pit and he decided her would explore.
Maxwell was having a great time in there, he has just started sitting up by himself so he managed to kick the balls and throw the balls whilst sitting up by himself. After a while he started to get a little board so i decided to put my long maternity pillow around him and put his blanket and dummy in there. He decided he would lay down in there (after i had moved the balls out around him)and watch the tv out of one of the holes that he would class as a window... he stayed in there for around 2 hours and decided he would come out and have a nap in his bed!
I can say he loved it! The great thing was after he had used it i managed to fold it back down and put it back in its box and the balls back in the bag... so it uses maximum space!
A fab buy i personally think and i cant wait to buy some more balls so Maxwell can have even more fun in there, i can see he will continue to use it as he grows.

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