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Maxwell has always been a great eater and at 4 months old he started weening. HiPP Organic have recently sent me and Maxwell some food to try out.
We were sent 2 pouches - one of spaghetti bolognese and one of creamy tomato & leek pasta.We were also sent 2 jars of apricot and apple desert and plum and pear pudding. We were also sent some Little Nibbles - Organic apple and blueberry rice cakes.
I was slightly worried about giving Maxwell spaghetti bolognese as he doesn't normally like other brands of spaghetti bolognese that he has tried however i thought i would go ahead and try and see if he liked it.
The pouch that the spaghetti bolognese was very handy. I thought these would be great if you were going out as they are quite small and flat and are easier to carry in a changing bag than a jar of food. I think using the pouches is a great idea! The spaghetti bolognese itself was a good texture and wasn't runny. It was easy to keep on Maxwell's spoon when i was feeding him. When Maxwell tried the food he enjoyed it and ate the whole lot up. He didn't screw his face up like he normally does with any other brands.
Maxwell then went on to eat plum and peach pudding. I thought there was quite a lot for Maxwell to eat in this jar so i halved it. Although half wasn't quite enough but the whole jar was to much. The pudding was quite runny, and i found it hard to feed it to Maxwell.
Maxwell then went on to try the organic apple and blueberry rice cakes. Maxwell really enjoyed these. They were a great shape for Maxwell to hold and they were also a good shape so that he was able to put easily  his mouth. In fact Maxwell loved them so much he managed to eat another one.
Overall I would rate the -
Spaghetti bolognese pouch - 5/5
Plum and peach pudding 3/5
Apple and blueberry rice cakes 5/5

You can buy HiPP products from most major retailers and supermarkets
Please take the time to visit the HiPP website where you are able to find out more information about there products.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However we did receive the product for review purposes. 
Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion

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