Happy Shopper

I have been dying for a pair of Uggs for months, however i believe they are far to over priced for what they actually are... Anyway recently on the net i came across a bargain - a pair for £220 reduced to £135... i purchased these as these were the ones i had wanted for weeks! They are the chestnut colour ones with socks. Am waiting for them to be delivered but ever so excited about the incoming arrival.
Me and Ben decided to visit Gunwarf Keys as he had a day off this week, we love shopping there as we always manage to find a good bargain as it is full of outlet shops.
I already had a idea that a Ugg shop was being built and when we visited Gunwarf we found the shop was actually open to the public already!
We went in and i headed straight to the clearance section! Lots of Uggs at decent prices but nothing that took my fancy.. until.. No this could not be right.. were my eyes deceiving me - a pair of Uggs in my size - the last pair in the whole shop £110 reduced to £35!! I grabbed them before anyone could have a look in and went and paid for them! I can not actually believe my luck and the icing on top of the cake, i have been looking for the care kit to keep the material in perfect condition however have not been able to find them cheaper than £30, in the outlet i managed to pick one up for £20! I was a very happy Helen!!!
They also have a baby gap shop there, we are always purchasing items for Maxwell here as we believe they are extremely good quality products, in the gap shop we managed to pick up 2 t shirts for max for just under £6 for the 2 - they retail at £10 each so we had a great saving here!
 My final bargain was a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, i am forever visiting there shop however cant justify spending £40 on a tshirt that Maxwell shall just grow out of! My luck must of been in that day however i managed to root around the clearence section and found him a polo - £40 reduced to just £6!
We had a great day out and especially love the fact that Gunwarf is situated on the sea front, i can definitely recommend using outlet
shops to grab a bargain!

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