Going Through Changes

Maxwell is growing up to fast! Over the last week Maxwell has become much more independant and has stopped relying on me so much.
Maxwell is able to sit up b himself! He can sit up by himself for long periods of time as long as he doesn't start to wiggle. As soon as he wiggles he is off! He can sit and play with his toys without needing me to prop him up with things such as pillows and enjoys sitting in his ball bit playing and also watching tv out of it. It has become his secret den.
 He has become very fast at slithering along on his belly, he tries to push up on his knees and is getting very close to doing so. He especially enjoys sliding across shiny floors -  our kitchen floor! He also like to push himself over objects such as peoples legs, pillows, clothes and his changing mat. I am forever having to follow him as he likes to slide from room to room.
He also now has 2 front teeth! 2 at the top and 2 are pushing threw the gums at the bottom! I think this is great as it has started to help Maxwell with his eating. He now is able to feed himself small sandwiches at lunch and is also able to feed himself soft vegetables.  I like to see Maxwell feed himself as i personally think it helps him become very independent and helps with his development.
I went and got him weighed today and was told he weighed 20 pounds. I was quite surprised as i hadn't thought he had grown that much, however being with him 24/7 i have got used to how big he actually is.
The final thing that i have noticed about Maxwell is that he has found his voice. He now manages to screech at things when he gets excited and will try and talk to you in his baby language if you try and make a conversation with him.

Maxwell is developing very well and he continues to make me proud every day! Well Done Maxwell!

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  1. Ahh super cute, such a fun time when babies get on the move :) x


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