Bath Time

Since Maxwell was small he has always enjoyed his baths! Recently though he has been getting super excited when bath time approaches!
When he goes to visit Nanny she always treats him to a little splash, she puts a small amount of water in the bath and Maxwell lies down and splashes like crazy. He splashes so much he manages to splash the water up the wall, out the bath and all over us! She tips water over him with his plastic boats and he screams in delight.
At home i bath him in his bath seat. He has a small collection of toys that he has in the bath! His favorite however is his squirty fishes! He loves the fish squirting at him and opens his mouth to try and catch the water.

 Maxwell also has a few ducks - a special one that has a theme of a builder, he doesn't play with these much however he just enjoys chewing them.
 Maxwell also has started to appreciate a really big bubble bath. He loves playing with all the bubbles and thinks its funny when i make his ducks and fishes go missing under all the bubbles and then they just pop up out of the bubbles.
I personally think Max would spend most of his day in the bath if i let him however i don't want him turning into a wrinkled prune!
Maxwell has also found he can push himself around the bath in his bath seat! He manages to push up and down and capture his toys as he goes!

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