A Lucky July

July was the first month i actually thought i would knuckle down and take competitions seriously, before Maxwell was born whilst on the few weeks i had as maternity leave i entered a few but didn't win anything, however a few months ago i thought i needed a new hobby.
People often ask why i comp, the answer - i enjoy the social side of it. As a youngish Mum most of my "friends" haven't bothered to stick around? There out partying, shopping, going on holidays, im changing nappy's, being a mum and running a home! However don't get me wrong, I love my life and wouldn't change it for the world! Being a Mummy is the best thing in the world!
My other reason is Ben recently started a new job working nights, so in the evening with Max in bed and Ben out i get quite lonely and bored.
My main reason for comping however is i want to give Maxwell the best life he can possibly have! He will never go without but winning things for him gives me the chance for him to have little luxuries in life that he never would get before!
In June i started to make a few friends that comped, and won a few prizes - a cake voucher worth £50 and a family trip to our local zoo! However when i started to speak to people that comped they would tell me about amazing wins and i thought if you can win i can too!
The start of June i got myself into a routine, Maxwell in bed and on the computer i would go to waste a few hours before it was my own bedtime.
To my surprise wins started to come in. My name announced in forums, emails sent to me telling me i had won stuff and one of the best prizes, the phone call confirming i had won Maxwell a pushchair.
I won something nearly everyday! Cosmetics, books, food, vouchers towards baby food, concert tickets, games for our Xbox. Something for everyone.
My favorite wins though were:
  • Maxwell's Silvercross pushchair - Worth around £130.
  • Paraolympic closing ceremony tickets - I have given these to my sister as i don't want to leave Max late at night and she is very much into the Olympics.
  • A 2 Night Luxury Break given to us by Tesco Baby Club and Aptimal for Me, Maxwell and Ben, including a spa treatment, Breakfast and dinners - I think this is in the region of £700.
  • A Batman Dark Knight Goodie bag - Including a crate of Energy drinks, a limited edition USB stick, a t shirt and a box-set of Batman blue-ray film  - I think this was worth in the region of £65
  • A Lisbeth Dahl laptop Bag - Worth around £27
In total i think i won around £1,600 worth of stuff in July! To my surprise already this month (August) i have won a Olympic Party Pack and a GB Bracelet!
Today i also got this lovely beautifully presented box in the post i didn't even know i had won!
I am so happy with what i have already achieved and hope to have another great month!

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  1. Wow, you did really well in July! I love comping too. Hope your luck has continued?


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