Maxwell Gets Grooovy!

Today we have bought Maxwell a new toy!
Seeing as he becoming such a big boy now he no longer fits in his baby bouncer and I sometimes worry that he may get a bit bored so being one step ahead we bought him this before he gets bored.
This is the Leapfrog Learn and Groove activity station! RRP £75!
He hasn't been using it long, however judging by his face in the pictures you are able to see he really enjoys himself in it.
His favourite part is the musical numbers that he presses, personally I think he loves the noise!
The Groove and Learn is very bright so I think this encourages the baby to play with it!

All the features on the Learn and Groove are entertaining - all but the karaoke book which determines which songs the numbers will play.... also there are only 2 song choices which is quite disappointing. The only other thing I would say that lets it down is that some of the toys only have stick on's, this isn't very good when the baby is dribbling, it leaves a sticky mess.
The toy is however quite easy to keep clean and has lots of things to amuse Maxwell.
Maxwell has only had the toy for a day however he gets very excited over it and we can't wait to see how he gets on with it.
We shall keep you updated.


  1. Brandon loved that when he was younger. We've had to take it off him now because he just uses it as a climbing frame lol.
    Ours is an old one though. Does yours sing bop a doo wop lol

  2. Maxwell gets very excited and throws himself around in it! Ours sings a Latin song and a rap/pop song... we have no bop a doo wop :(. They are amazing things and i have already noticed that Maxwell is stronger on his legs! x


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