Review - Sudocrem Suncream mouse

The majority of Mums will know the brand sudocrem for their nappy rash cream. Since Maxwell was tiny i have always used it. I have also tried other brands but have found Sudocrem the best.
Sudocrem have recently launched a new product the Sudocrem sunscream mousse and I was sent one to review. The also very kind and sent me a Bruce the moose for Maxwell! 
Maxwell loves him and often goes to bed with him. Maxwell will be taking Bruce on tour - when he goes out on a few outings so watch out!I have always found using suncream extremely important. I have extremely fair skin and burn to a crisp so and i am very aware of the dangers the sun can course. This year i lost a friend due to skin cancer - so i would advise everyone to use some sort of protection.
Unfortunately the sun has been hiding for quite a while so i have been wearing wellys and coats.
 However, this week we did have some sun so we decided to coat Maxwell in the mousse and make the most out of the sun before the rain came back.  I have had some bad experience with sun cream in the past 
It being:

  • Too runny
  • Smelling horiible
  • Leaving an oily feel
  • Not protecting my skin properly
  • Hard to apply
First of all i was very surprised at how little suncream you had to use, i used a little squirt of the mousse and it expanded enough to coat me and Maxwell in the suncream! The mousse comes up all light and fluffy, it is not sticky or runny and is easy to apply. I was able to rub the mousse in very quickly and was not left with an oily feel on my hands, and definitely not on mine or Maxwell's body once i had applied it to the both of us.
The suncream has SPF 50 which is ideal for young skin and has 4 star UVA protection however it also worked well on me!
Overall i would rate The Mousse 5/5
You can follow Sudocrem Mousse on Facebook and on Twitter.
On Facebook they are running a competition where you could win a £1,000 holiday, Sudocrem are asking you to take there mascot Bruce the Moose on tour. You need to capture a magical picture of him whilst you are on your holidays this summer!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion

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