Review - Baby Sock Ons

In this cold weather Maxwell always wears socks as I'm very conscience about his feet getting cold but the problem we have is that Maxwell always pulls his socks off, or where he wiggles they always manage to pop off. When shopping i sometimes notice that one sock has been lost.
I have been looking to find a product which would help keep his socks on but never found anything which would help him until i came across Sock Ons.
Me and Maxwell were delighted when we received a pack of Sock Ons in the post! We were really excited to try them. 
When i first saw Sock Ons, they looked great, they came in packaging in the shape of 2 little feet. The Sock Ons them self were a 2 shade of blue which i thought would match a lot of Maxwell's socks that he would wear, they looked very cute and stretchy.
The Sock Ons were very easy to use, you just place them over the babies socks and they stretch to fit the babies foot perfectly.
 I did question if they would work as Maxwell loves to pull his socks off so he can suck his toes but also whilst playing in his activity centre they always came off! However i was proved wrong. His socks managed to stay on the whole time he had them on. Also whilst playing in his activity centre he did not slip in them.
I was also worried that they would be tight around Maxwell's feet and leave marks, however i was also wrong about this, he was able to move his feet like usual and no marks were left after we took them off.
Overall i had nothing negative to report back! I thought the product was excellent and shall definitely be recommending these! I think they are great value for money as purchasing a pair of these would save you replacing socks all the time. They are a great idea that was invented by a Mum.

I would rate Sock Ons - 5/5 - They are great!!

You can find out about Sock Ons on there Website
You can find Sock Ons over on Facebook 

 I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion


  1. These saved my sanity when my daughter was a baby !!! She just wouldn't keep socks on ! Jane Davies X


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