Odeon and Showfirst! - Poor Customer Service!

So on Tuesday Me and Ben were set to go and see Ted at Odeon Cinema in Southampton! I had managed too get 2 free tickets to watch the film! Me and Ben rarely get to spend time together so it was a treat for us.
We arrived in time to watch the film and were extremely excited as we had wanted to watch the film for a long time however when we tried to go through to see the film we were told the film was sold out.
I found the women extremely rude, as she laughed like it was a joke and didn't even apologies just gave us short answers and told us she couldn't help. How could it be sold out? We had tickets? We had travelled at 22 mile trip to be laughed at and told we were not able to see the film! As you can imagine we were unhappy and to top it off there were no other films we wanted to see around that time to watch and we didn't want to go and collect Max to late so in the end we went and forked out £20 for a meal.
Once we returned home I was sent a email by Showfilmfirst to ask us how we felt about the film - as you can imagine I gave them negative feedback they said they would be in contact - No contact as of yet.

I then emailed Odeon to ask why:
  • Why they had given too many tickets out for a film that they had advertised along with Showfilmfirst
  • About the rude member of staff
  • Was i going to be offered any compensation - 22 mile trip, food purchased to watch film and had to get someone to look after Maxwell!
The email I received back has actually shocked/upset me. 
Even though the ticket has Odeon advertised on it they say its all down to Showfilmfirst as they "booked" screens of Odeon and they cant do anything about the fact to many tickets were given out, I was also told I should have got there earlier.
I was told to contact Showfilmfirst about any queries I had over the film... so i shall update if I ever receive a reply off them as i already had done this as my first port of call.

Secondly I was asked could I give them a time, description of the member of staff so they could look at CCTV cameras to see their member of staff as they were "extremely surprised"  as they are delivering "extensive guest service training" at there job. - I had stated what time we were there so clearly they would have seen who was checking tickets, I'm unsure why they have to feel the need to check the CCTV- Now it feels like im being accused of lying.

In the email received I was still not given a sorry about my experience - this was what disappointed me the most. We were offered no compensation and basically given no answers to my questions except its not their fault!

In future I shall be giving Odeon a miss and go to another Cinema, we have always visited Odeon, we even have their loyalty card!

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  1. Edith here, your experience with Odeon is shocking. The Olympics are here this month and if this is the sort of 'customer service' visitors can expect to receive then it's no wonder the country is going to the dogs!!


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