A Quiet Few Days!

Me and Maxwell have had a few days off from our busy life's.
Maxwell has also been spending a lot of time on his tummy and is enjoying shuffling and wriggling around. It seems that I can't take my eye off him for one minute or he will be up to something! He especially loves pulling the clothes off the inside clothes airer if he spots it! He is loving the freedom of being able to touch every object he sees and being able to play with some of his toys that he wasn't able to before.

This week we have been trying to sort Maxwell's nursery out. When I found out I was pregnant and up until Maxwell was around 3 months old we lived with my parents, then we decided to fly the nest and get our own home. Since then I have been planning on sorting Maxwell's nursery out but haven't had much time and also the fact we didn't really know what to get him.
This week I decided to go ahead, and sort the nursery out and with a bit of luck (and help from my mum) we managed to purchase Maxwell some curtains! This is great because they are blackouts, something that he hasn't got at the present moment!
Being blackouts should stop him waking up early in the morning, as the ones he currently have are unlined and are very see through. The new curtains are chocolate brown and cream.
My search is continuing to find him a cot duvet to match and some other accessories to make his nursery into a proper little boys room, if anyone knows of any nice cot duvets that will match the colour scheme, at a reasonable price, please Tweet me or message me on Facebook.
I have also just finished sorting all his clothes out and he has around 5 bin bags of clothes already that are too small! I also managed to find his sleep suit that he first wore when he was born! I can not believe how small it is and how big Maxwell has managed to grow!
The only thing I have purchased this week is a new changing bag as my other one was bright red (it matched my other Silver Cross pram) so I have invested £40 in this lovely bag, it was reduced form £60! It's a Baby K bag and I'm extremely excited about receiving it as I have wanted one since Maxwell was born! I have also received my lovely French Connection bag that Ben bought me last week and I can not believe what a bargain it was! It is lovely!
My wins are continuing, I have only won little things with a low value but a win is a win, some of the wins that I have had are:-
  • Katie Perry False Eye Lashes
  • Body lotion
  • A T shirt
  • Cereal Bars  
I am also very happy to announce that I have also confirmed with some companies that I shall be reviewing there fab products in the next week or so, I can not wait to review these as they are all benefiting Maxwell, Watch this space!

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