Making The Most Out Of Vouchers

So this week i went to Tesco, armed with my plastic wallet of coupons i figured what i could basically get for nothing and wondered round the shop . This is what i managed to get - (minus crisps and baby heinz cooking sauce which i bought but are not in the picture)

This lovely lot came to an amazing £8.95 - the price of a pack of nappies! However before using my coupons it came to 23.02! A huge saving of £14.07.
What i love to do is wait for price drops or special offers or bog offs and then use my vouchers to there best of advantage, i normally always shop at Tesco!! I hate wasting money and believe that you can always find things cheaper if you put a little effort into doing so.
Also on this visit i had received some extra clubcard point vouchers in the post, so i used these which gained us 123 points - equivalent to £1.23 in clubcard vouchers!

Also this week i was lucky enough to be sent £10 of home on ebay! Luckily my Mum also received one too! Max needed a new quilt to match his new colour of nursery... we found some at £12.50 each and using each of our codes we managed to get to cot duvet and pillow cases for around £5 including postage!

A fab week of savings!

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