Review - MAM Dipper Set

I recently received a MAM Dipper Set in the post, Me and Maxwell were really excited about reviewing them. Me and Maxwell are huge fans of MAM and love there products! We could not wait to try the dipper set out!
We received the dipper set and i thought the product stood out with its bright colour blue - in two shades. The packaging was minimal and the MAM logo was easy to spot. It clearly showed the product information and the age range - From 6 months.

I was a bit worried about Maxwell trying to feed himself as it is the 1st time he has ever tried, he is used to me feeding him off a spoon. Also at 6 months i thought he could be a bit young, also i thought it would be very messy and Maxwell would manage to paint the carpet, himself and everything around him in food, however i was proved very wrong.

The dipper consists of a spoon and a fork.
The spoon however acts more like a dipper and is easy for the baby to dip into there food. It has ledges on it to help keep the food on there.
The fork also had ledges on it which held food on it, it also acts like a dipper but also enables more food at a bigger size to be held on it
The dippers were easy to hold in Maxwell's small hands as the handles were also small. The dippers were also very safe as there is a safety shield on the dippers that stops babies from putting them too deep in their mouth.
Overall Maxwell enjoyed learning how to use them and didn't need much help at all from me, he found the spoon dipper the easiest to use and managed to get more food on there. From now on when feeding i shall be using these as it helps Maxwell learn how to hold cutlery but also gives him confidence that he can feed himself.

I would Rate MAM Dipper Set 5/5

To find out more about MAM you can do the following:
You are able to MAM on there Website.
There Twitter Page
Or you can find them on there Facebook Page

Mam are also running a fantastic competition over on there Facebook page where you are able to win something out of there huge range for a month! Head over and take a peek!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion

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