Review - Dummy Chain From Cloggies Toy Shop

I recently received a Heimess Dummy chain in the post from a lovely family business that are situated in Northamptonshire - Cloggies Toys. They specialise in selling traditional and high quality toys and gifts for everyone.
 Me and Maxwell have always had a battle to keep his dummies safe. He's lost them whilst shopping, whilst going out for walks and has even lost them down the back of his cot at home, so when we were sent this to review we were really pleased.
 When we received the dummy clip i was surprised at is appearance, normally dummy chains are boring, not colorful and don't have any texture for the baby to feel however i was really surprised about this dummy chain.
The chain we were sent was the design of a worm, the worm was made up of very bright eye catching colours and also was made up of little circle wooden beads that Maxwell loved to play with and touch.

I was slightly worried that Maxwell would perhaps get bits of wood in his mouth if he decided to suck the chain. However he placed it in his mouth straight away and we had no problem as the chain is saliva resistant.
When it came to attaching the dummy to the chain i found this was easy, the dummy chain is attached to the dummy by a little piece of cord and then can be clipped into place by a clip on the other end of the dummy. The dummy chain could also be used to keep toys safe, as you would be able to attach the chain to perhaps a pushchair.
When attaching the chain to Max he loved it and started to chew it, i thought it would be a great teether as his teeth are really playing him up how ever in the description it clearly states that it is not to be used as a teether.
When reading threw the description that was attatched to the chain i was plesently suprised to see that the
chain is made of wood that is from German forests, and also that it is crafted by hand in Germany.

Overall i think the chain is brilliant. Its bright so appeals to Maxwell, but also stands out when walking down the street as it is extremely eye catching. I have decided that i shall be purchasing a few other chains, and shall always use them as since using this Maxwell has not lost his dummy. We shall be buying different chains for different days to prehaps match Maxwell's outfit.
We found the chains to be great and had no problems with dummies being lost any longer.

I would Rate the chain 5/5

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There are always special discounts to be found as well.

  I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review. However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion

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