Hello Summer!

Maxwell and I have been busy for the last few days. It has been extremely hot weather here so we have been making the most out of it.
On Wednesday we visited the waterfront - We live right on the Solent so we are extremely lucky that we are able to just walk to the sea front! The seafront is in our little town so we went shopping and picked up a few bits, we also got cold drinks and sat and watched the yachts, i also brought Maxwell a lot of fruit as in this hot weather I'm not so keen on giving him lots of hot food!
It was very busy by the waterfront, I'm guessing as it is the 6 weeks holidays and it is beautiful weather however Maxwell loved it - Although he kept pulling his hat off and throwing it on the floor!
On Thursday we visited Nanny and Auntie Rachel popped in! We walked up the shop together, cutting across the park and making sure we took the route that was more cooler, Maxwell loves going out so not surprisingly he loved being pushed around in his pushchair whilst he nosed around. Once we had arrived at the shop we were delighted to find out that due to maintenance they were shutting all the chillers down and pretty much everything was reduced! We all managed to pick up bargains as nearly everything was less than half price! Maxwell was also happy as he got strawberry's!
Maxwell finished off his day having a bath at Nanny's, and he loved it. I have always been quite scared of bathing Maxwell as I'm very safety conscience and have always used something to help me support him however as it was extremely hot we let him lie back in the water so he could cool down! He was very excited and could not stop laughing!
Maxwell has been learning how to shuffle himself across the floor and is extremely speedy, i find i spend most of my day running around after him, to his delight as he thinks its very funny! I think he will be crawling very soon.
He has also managed to support himself when sitting up, I'm always very careful to put something around him incase he falls so he doesn't get hurt but he hasn't fallen yet!
I have also started giving him new foods to taste and today he has tried a slice of cheese! I was a bit worried as i thought he wouldn't be keen on it and i saw in a magazine most babies don't like new foods until they have tried it at least  8 times, however Maxwell is a extremely good eater and didn't batter an eyelid!
 I haven't had a great few days of comping - im hoping its because it was hot that perhaps there were not as many comps about however i did win a great prize today - a Bastite goody bag. I was really pleased about this as i was going to buy some dry hair shampoo the other day but then decided i didn't really need it - have regretted it since, but now i don't need to worry as i have some flying to me in the post! The best thing happened though! I had a surprise delivery - a crate of energy drinks! Ben can not wait to tuck in as he is a huge fan of energy drinks. Just in time for this hot weather!
I have also won a few other bits - some special hair shampoo for red heads, a mug, some lip stick and some Olympic tickets for the closing ceremony, however i have donated these to my sister as it doesn't finish till quite late and i wouldn't want to leave Maxwell for such a long period of time! My sister Auntie Rachel and her partner - Uncle Rob are very keen on the Olympics, they went to London to see the last leg of the Olympic torch and is going to watch the Mens GB football team at Cardiff! Me and Maxwell hope she has a great time especially as Coldplay shall be there!

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